God Has a Calling for You

No matter who we are, we all have gifts to share with the world.

Today’s Verse of Hope
Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms. – 1Peter 4:10 (New International Version)

Today’s Message of Hope
No matter who you are. No matter whether you are poor or rich, weak or strong, single or married, man or woman, God is preparing you for something wonderful. In those moments in your life when you feel like nothing is happening, those moments are times when you are meant to sit quietly so that you can hear God’s instructions for your life. He may not place you immediately in the place He ultimately wants you to be all at once. Instead, He may nudge you along so that you can grasp a little at a time. This is a gentle way of training you for the greater things to come. Do not be anxious and overly eager. God is preparing you one step at a time to serve in His Kingdom and for His people using the gifts that He has bestowed upon you.

Today’s Prayer of Hope
Dear Heavenly Father, your gift to me is your amazing grace. Though I am a sinner, you love me and you have saved me from eternal death. Your Son, Jesus Christ lovingly paid the price for my sins and I am truly humbled and grateful for your mercy and forgiveness. Show me the way Lord. Light my path. Mold me in your image, Lord, so I can serve you in love. Amen.

Today’s Song of Hope
Song Title: We All Have Gifts to Share
Artist: Susan Kay Wyatt
Copyright: © 2004 All Gifts MusicT